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Baby Shower Ideas and Articles

Below are useful baby shower ideas and articles to help you plan your special party, as well as some other interesting related baby articles.

Baby Shower Ideas and Gifts

Baby Shower Favors - Ideas for different types of Baby Shower Favors.

Surprise Baby Shower - Ideas for throwing a surprise Baby Shower Party

Free Baby Shower Games - 10 ideas for free (or almost free) Baby Shower Games

Make Personalized Candles - Ideas for how to make your own personalized candle gifts from ordinary store candles. Great for Baby Showers.

Make Your Own Invitations - Ideas for making your own party invitations for any occasion, even if you don't have art skills. A favorite at My Baby Shower Favors!

Make Your Own Centerpiece - Here are some great ideas for making your own centerpiece for any occasion

Baby Shower Decorating - Tips for decorating at a Baby Shower

Save on Favors - Tips for saving money when buying favors

Make Your Own Soap Favors - A simple way to make your own soap favors

How to Make Your Own Refrigerator Magnets - Simple tips for making your own magnets

Christening / Baptism Favor Ideas - Ideas and themes for Baptism Favors

Practical Baby Shower Gifts - Need some ideas for gifts? Here are some of the most practical baby shower gift ideas.

Baby Articles

Baby Gender Calculator - Enter the Baby's birth month and age of the mom to predict the Baby's gender. Amazingly accurate!

Choose The Perfect Baby Name - Follow these simple ideas and tips to chose the perfect name for your new Baby.

Baby Photo Tips - Tips for taking great Baby pictures

Baby Sleep Tips - Tips for getting your Baby to go to sleep (we all need sleep to!)

Sleeping with Your Baby - Things to consider when deciding whether or not to share a bed with your baby.

Baby Nursery Theme Ideas - Here are some ideas for decorating your new baby's nursery.

Pregnancy Articles

10 Pregnancy Risk Factors - 10 risk factors that every pregnant woman should be aware of

6 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy - Tips and reasons to exercise during pregnancy

Other Related Articles

Interesting Chocolate Stats - Here are some interesting statistics about chocolate.

Top Cookie Flavors - The top cookie flavors for Baby Shower parties