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Baby shower favors, supplies, and decorations

by Criss White at My Baby shower favors

A great way to say thank you to your guests is with homemade baby shower favors. There are various types of favors that you can give to your guests including candle baby shower favors, chocolate baby shower favors, personalized baby shower favors, and unique baby shower favors. You can even make your own baby shower favors. Giving favors to your guests is great etiquette and they will be thankful for these inexpensive tokens of appreciation. Finally, make sure you have all the necessary baby shower supplies and baby shower decorations. The excerpts below give more information about the advantages of each.

Candle baby shower favors are wonderful gifts for anyone who likes candles. Many decorative candles are available with a baby shower theme. Candles shaped like ducks, carriages, booties, and other baby related items. Even for those who don't use candles, these items make great decorations that you can place in almost any room of the house.

Edible Surprises for your guests

Chocolate baby shower favors are another favorite. Also, candy baby shower favors and cookie baby shower favors can be enjoyed by all. These favors are appropriate for any type of party because they can be eaten. Candies and chocolates are often shaped like rubber ducks, baby blocks, pacifiers, and other baby related items. These delicious treats will be a sure hit with your guests.

Useful Favors and treats

Soap baby shower favors are another useful favor for your guests. Everyone uses soap and these delightful items are shaped like ducks, baby blocks, and other popular items. Many of these soaps are handcrafted by work at home moms and other small businesses. Oftentimes, they are also scented in baby powder or a variety of other popular scents. Other baby and body favorites include bath salts, lotions, massage oils, and more.

Personalized baby shower favors add a special touch to any baby shower. Items range from normal items placed in personalized bags to items that are engraved with name and date of the shower. Many places also offer personalized tags and ribbons. These items can be easily attached to any item that you want to give to your guests. These items make your party unique.

Getting Creative

If you are crafty and artistic, then you can make your own baby shower favors. You can get many supplies you need from an arts and craft store. People who make their own candles and soaps often make their own gifts. Add a personalized tag and ribbons for a special touch. There are plenty of places that sell miniature decorations that would be appropriate like mini pacifier charms or mini baby bottles and other decorations.

One of the easiest things to do is to buy a favor container, like a mini baby bottle, organza bag, or cellophane bag. Then fill the container with candy and apply a personalized tag if desired for a nice personal touch. Another idea is to go to a bath and body or candle store. Buy something blue or pink and then print out your own baby shower label. There are tons of great ideas for making your own favors, particularly if you are skilled in crafts.

Unique baby shower favors include magnets, picture frames, and anything else. Picture frame baby shower favors are a great present for your guests if the baby is already born. Many creative family businesses and work at home moms have created their own line of products. If you are creative, you can even create your own ideas.

Favors for the cost conscious

Sometimes, cost is an important factor. Many cheap baby shower favors can be found by shopping online. Other inexpensive baby shower favors can be found at specialty stores and flea markets. Favors can be less than a dollar each if you look around enough. Items under $3 are also easily found and are considered inexpensive.

However, some people prefer elegant baby shower favors, which can include decorative candles, soaps, and more. Another great item to have at a baby shower is diaper cakes. These are cakes made of diapers, toys, and other useful items for the mom to be and are an excellent centerpiece and gift idea for the host of the party.

Keepsakes for your guests

Baby picture frames are a great way for your guests to remember your occasion and new baby. A picture of the newborn infant makes a great keepsake. The frame can also be used as a nice gift, even if the baby is not yet born.

Christening baptism favors make great gifts for your guests at baptism events. These items have relevant religious themes, like the holy cross or angels. Christening gifts can be displayed beautifully in any home.

Baby shower magnets favors are another great keepsake that will remind your guests of your event for years to come. Magnets can have many themes, including teddy bears, rattles, baby bottles, pacifiers, rubber ducks, and much more. Personalized save the date baby shower magnets can be sent before the event to remind your guests of you special party.

Party Decor

Finally, a shower would not be complete without baby shower decorations and baby shower supplies. Some common decorations include streamers, which can be purchased cheaply. Usually a streamer of 50 ft can be found for just a few dollars. The amount of decorations depends on how big the place is.

Also, note that your party can be specifically themed to anything that is appropriate. Popular themes include duck baby shower favors and noahs ark baby shower favors. There are so many themes that you can chose from. The most common and simplest theme is blue for boy or pink for girl. Others include pacifier, blocks, and anything else that contains a similar themed infant item. Twin and triplet themes are often implemented by having multiples of everything, like two soaps in one bag for each guest and ideas like that.

In conclusion, there are many baby shower party favors to choose from. Everyone loves receiving presents and it is a fantastic way to say thanks to your guests. Also, to another good way to get baby shower ideas is to browse through various baby shower sites.


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