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Personalized Flavored Fortune Cookies - Various Colors

Personalized Flavored Fortune Cookies - Various Colors

Personalized Flavored Fortune Cookies - Various Colors
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Share your good fortunes with your guests with our personalized flavored fortune cookies. Comes with up to 5 fortunes that you can choose.

Each cookie is wrapped individually in a clear cello wrapper. Minimum order of 100 cookies.

1. Pink Raspberry - A popular choice for girl baby showers.

2. Off-white Coconut - About the same color as traditional fortune cookies, these cookies are loaded with coconut flavor.

3. Brown Cappuccino - This flavor has a sweet mocha taste and is not bitter like regular cappuccino.

4. Yellow Lemon - Tangy citrus lemon is another great flavor for both boy and girl baby showers.

5. Original - These original fortune cookies are made with real eggs and have lots of vanilla and sugar flavoring like traditional fortune cookies.

6. Brown Chocolate - Another great flavor that chocolate fans are sure to love.

7. Red Cherry - These fortune cookies are dark red and dense with cherry flavor.

8. Orange - Orange in color and in flavor. These fortune cookies taste like Florida oranges.

9. Red Strawberry - These strawberry fortune cookies are light red and contain a delicate berry flavor.

10. Blue Blueberry - These dark blue fortune cookies taste like blueberries and are great for boy baby showers. Note that like other blue candies and cookies that these will turn your tongue blue.

11. Purple Passion Fruit Punch - Fruit punch is a great flavor for kids and adults alike.

12. Green Mint - These dark green mint fortune cookies taste like a peppermint stick and will leave your breath smelling fresh and clean.

12. Pink Bubblegum - Taste link classic bubble gum. Great for baby girl showers.

Here are some suggested phrases you can use for your personalized fortunes:

Phrases that fits on one line:

1. A Baby Is A Gift From God
2. A Baby Is Love, Joy, & Life
3. We've Been Flooded With Joy!
4. Our Hearts Are Full Of Love
5. Welcome Baby!
6. It's a Boy / Girl
7. Save the date
8. Thank you for helping us celebrate
9. From small beginnings come great things
10. Thank you for joining us today

Other phrases:

15. Bottles and booties, diapers and pins, this is where the love begins!
16 . So sweet and cuddly, cute and fun, we're expecting a new little one!
17 . Cuddly as a cloud, gentle as the night, a baby is the sweetest delight!
18 . Sugar & Spice He's (She's) Made Our World Nice
19. Buttons & Bows, Our Pride In Him (Her) Shows.
20. Someone Special, Someone Dear, Someone New To Love Is Here
21. We Reached For The Stars & Got An Armful Of Heaven
22. Someone new will be dropping in soon...
23. We can "bearly" wait for the new baby to arrive... (Great for a bear theme)
24. Some one is having a baby, Isn't that just ducky?!
25. Someone new will be arriving shortly...
26. Thank you for sharing this special day
27. Some bunny's having a baby! (Cute for a bunny theme)
28. A new baby will be fluttering in shortly...
29. We're expecting a new little one!
32. We can "bearly" keep it a secret . . . (Great for a bear theme)
33. Heard the forecast? A baby is predicted but first there will be a shower!
34. We have the formula for fun! It's a baby shower!
35. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are...
36. Thank you for sharing this special occasion with me.

Each fortune message is limited to 30 characters per line/3 lines per message.

Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing of this item. This item cannot be rush processed.