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Baby Shower Hersheys - 1.55oz Bar

Baby Shower Hersheys - 1.55oz Bar

Baby Shower Hersheys - 1.55oz Bar
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Product Description
Chocolate bars are a yummy treat that appeals to both kids and adults and these personalized baby shower Hershey bars are sure to be a hit for your next baby shower.

Assembly Available: Included. Chocolate bar included in this item. If you want the wrapper only, click here

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Option 1) Nutrition Facts Label reads: Serving Size: 1 Beautiful Baby (or 2 if you pick a twin design).
Lullabies, Cuddles, Snuggles, Kisses, Coos - 100%
Ingredients: A precious present, so small so sweet
All natural, no artificial ingredients added
Best if used by friends and family.

Option 2) Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes
Teddy Bears and Cute Little Clothes
Thank you for being part of this Special Day!

Production Time: 2-6 business days.