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If you would like to exchange links with us, please use the following html code or description:


Link Text: Baby shower favors
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Description: Unique decorations, supplies, and baby shower favors.

It will look like this:

Baby shower favors - Unique decorations, supplies, and baby shower favors.


Once your have placed the link on your site, fill out the following form and we will place a link to your site from our 'Links' page. You will be redirected to our home page after you submit the form. We will add your link within one week.

Important Guidelines:

1) Please format the html so that your site looks like the rest of the sites in our directory. No all caps, excessive bolding, etc.

2) English sites only.

3) Do not submit multiple times. Our system will automatically mark multiple submissions as SPAM and delete them.

Note: We do not link to sites with adult, political, or objectionable content. We also do not link to link farms, free-for-all links, or anything shady. Links with relevent content that our visitors are looking for are preferred. We reserve the right to reject any link that we deem inappropriate.

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