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Perfume Oil Favors

Special 100% risk free unconditional money back guarantee
for these premium quality oils!

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High grade perfume body oils are excellent favors for baby showers or any other occasion. The oils we sell have become so popular that many people just buy them for themselves.

What are perfume oils?

Designer perfume companies use only the highest quality ingredients when formulating their perfumes and retail them at large mark-ups. Perfume oils are the concentrated ingredient that gives perfumes their smell.

1oz of perfume oil will make 4oz of eau de perfume or 6oz of eau de toilette. Since the oil is highly concentrated, only a few dabs are necessary to create a lasting scent. A 1oz bottle will often outlast a 4oz bottle of eau de perfume.

Why People Love Our Oils

  • Smells just like the perfume with just a few dabs. Beware of cheap imitations that don't last as long or don't have all the correct scent notes.
  • Can be applied directly to the skin - no mixing required - These non-greasy body oils are industrial grade and are undiluted (100% pure oil) with jojoba carrier oil to release the scent.
  • Affordably priced - smell great without spending a fortune.
  • Can also be used to make perfumes, or other scented products including potpourri, candles, incense, soaps, etc.
  • Longer lasting scent - Because the oils are not diluted with alcohol, the scent will not fade quickly like normal perfumes.
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction guaranteed.

7 Full Pages of Uncensored Testimonials

We have create a web page of unsolicited testimonials, meaning that these customers were so happy with their purchases that they emailed us on their own afterwards to express their thanks. There are about 7 pages of testimonials when printed out.

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You can also view our stellar ebay profiles. We achieved a 99.9% positive rating with over 2000 customers by selling only best products and offering the best service:

Suggested Retail Costs

These items are not available in most stores and have become extremely popular. These high quality oils are not available in most stores and retail for about $8-$10 for a 1/4 oz bottle. About 98-99% of our customers have become regular users of oils instead of perfumes. In fact, some companies sell high grade oils for over $100 per ounce.

Our Costs

Because we deal directly with the distributors and purchase in bulk, we can offer even more affordable prices. Visit our product pages for more details.

Cost with s/h is $90 for 1/4 lb (8oz) bottle.

Return Policy

The item can be returned for a full refund including shipping/handling charges for 30 days for any reason at all, plenty of time to try it out. Our company has the best quality product and the best guarantee in the business.

Once again, the refund of shipping/handling charges applies if you are purchasing perfume oils only. If you are buying other items, then the perfume oil can still be returned for a full refund, minus shipping/handling charges.

Recommended favor packaging

To package a favor for your guests, simply place the item in a tulle and wrap it up, or insert the item into an organza bag.

The perfume oils can also be placed in smaller bottles. Roll-on bottles are the most popular and are available in many sizes. Even a set of mini vials can be appropriate and last a long time.

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