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Perfume Oils for Women - List of Available Oils

Bold = new items, Not Hyperlinked = available by special request only, Italics = Hot items

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# A B
212 by Car. Herrera (type)
273 Beverly Hills (type)
360 Degrees (type)
360 Red (type)
4711 (type)
5th Ave (type)
A Touch of Pink (type)
Acqua Di Gio (type)
Addict (type)
Adolpho (type)
Alien (Thierry Mugler) (type)
Allure (type)
Amarige (type)
Amazing (type)
Amber Romance (type)
Amor Amor (type)
Anais Anais (type)
Angel (type)
Angel Innocent (type)
Animale (type)
Anne Klein (type)
Anucci Gold (type)
Aromatics Elixir (type)
Attraction (type)
Baby Doll (type)
Banana Republic (type)
Basic Instinct (type)
Be Delicious (type)
Beautiful (type)
Beauty by Eliz. Arden (type)
Belong (C. Dion) (type)
Beyond Paradise (type)
Bijan (type)
Bill Blass (type)
Black Cashmere (type)
Black by K Cole (type)
Black Cashmere (type)
Black Pearls (type)
Blonde (Versace) (type)
BLV by Bulgari(type)
Bob Mackie (type)
Body by Vic. Secret (type)
Bora Bora (type)
Boucheron (type)
Breathless (type)
Burberry London (type)
Burberry Brit (type)
Burberry Brit Gold (type)
Burberry Brit Red (type)
Burberry's Touch (type)
Byblos (type)

Cabotine (type)
Caesar (type)
Calyx (type)
Candi (type)
Carlos Santana (type)
Carolina Herrera (type)
Cashmere Mist (type)
Casmir (type)
Casual (type)
Celine Dion (type)
Cerutti-1881 (type)
Catalyst (type)
Champagne (YSL) (type)
Champs Elysees (type)
Chance (type)
Chanel #5 (type)
Chanel #19 (type)
Chaos (type)
Chloe (type)
Ciara (type)
Cinnabar (type)
Coco (type)
Coco Mademoiselle (type)
Code by Armani (type)
Contradiction (type)
Cool Water (type)
Cool Water Frozen (type)
Cristalle (type)
Curious (type)
Curve (type)
Curve Crush (type)
Curve Soul (type)
D.K. (type)
Dark Vanilla (type)
Dazzling Gold (type)
Dazzling Silver (type)
Deep Red by Hugo Boss (type)
Delicious (type)
Design (type)
Desire (L) (type)
Diamonds & Emeralds (type)
Diamonds & Rubies (type)
Diamonds & Sapphire (type)
Divine (type)
DKNY 2000 (type)
Dolce Gabbana (type)
Dolce Vita (type)
Dune (type)
Echo (type)
Ellen Tracy (type)
Emporio (type)
Envy (type)
Envy Me (type)
Escada (type)
Escape (type)
Essence by Marc Jacobs (type)
Estee (type)
Eternity (type)
Euphoria (type)
Eternity Rose Blush (type)
Exclamation (type)

Fantasy (Britney Spears) (type)
Feminine by D&G (type)
Fendi (type)
First (type)
Flirt (type)
Forever (type)
Forever 2002(Eliz. Taylor) (type)
Fragile by Gaultier (type)
Freedom (type)
(John Paul) Gaultier (type)
Giorgio (type)
Gio (type)
Girlfriend (type)
Glamorous (type)
Gloria Vanderbilt (type)
Glow (type)
Goddess (Baby Phat) (type)
Goodlife (type)
Green Tea (Arden) (type)
Gucci (type)
Guess (type)
Halo (type)
Halston (type)
Hanae Mori (type)
Happy (type)
Happy To Be (type)
Happy Heart (type)
Hugo (type)
Heavenly Dream Angel (type)
Hollywood (type)
Hot Coutoure (type)
Hypnose (type)
Hypnotic Posion (type)


Ibiza Hippie (type)
In Control by Britney Spears (type)
Indecence by Givenchy (type)
Intuition (type)
Island (M. Kors) (type)
Island Kiss (type)
Issey Miyake(type)
J'Adore (Dior) (type)
Jess (type)
Jaipur (type)
Jessica McClintock (type)
Jivako 24K (type)
Joop (type)
Joy (type)
Just Me (P Hilton) (type)
Kenneth Cole (type)
Kenzo (type)
Kenzo Flowers (type)
Knowing (type)
Kors by Michael Kors (type)

Lacoste (type)
L'air du Temp (type)
Lalique (type)
Lauren (type)
Lauren Style (type)
Laura Ashley #1 (type)
Light Blue (type)
Live (J.Lo) (type)
Liz Claiborne (type)
Liz Sport (type)
Lolita Lempicka (type)
London (Burberry 2006) (type)
Lou-Lou (type)
Love at First Glow (type)
Love Spell (type)
Lovely (type)
Lucky 6 (Liz Claiborne) (type)
Lucky You (type)
Madame Rochas (type)
Magie Noire (type)
Magnetism (type)
Mambo (type)
Mania (type)
Miami Glow (type)
Marc Jacobs (type)
Michael Kors (type)
Miracle (type)
Moments by Eternity (type)
Moschino (type)
Narciso Rodriguez (type)
Narcisse (type)
Nautica (type)
New West (type)
Nicole Miller (type)
Night Queen (type)
Noa (type)
Nude (type)

O. P. Juice (type)
Obsession (type)
Obsession Night (type)
Ocean Dreams (type)
Ombre Rose (type)
Omnia (Bulgari) (type)
Opium, YSL (type)
Organza (type)
Oscar (type)
Oui (type)
Oxygene (type)
Pacific Paradise (Escada) (type)
Paloma Picasso(type)
Paris (type)
Paris Hilton (type)
Passion (type)
Patti Labelle (type)
Perhaps (type)
Perry Ellis (type)
Perry Ellis America (type)
Pheromone (type)
Pink (type)
Pink Sugar (Aquolina) (type)
Pleasures (type)
Pleasure Intense (type)
Poeme (type)
Poison (type)
Polo Sport (type)
Prada (type)
Precious Jewel (Ashanti) (type)
Princess (Vera Wang (type)
Private Collection (type)
Privilege (type)
Promesse (Chacharel) (type)
Provocative (type)
Pure (type)
Pure Poison (type)
Pure Turquoise (type)
Purple Orchid (type)
Ralph (type)
Ralph Cool (type)
Ralph Hot (type)
Ralph Lauren Blue (type)
Rapture (type)
Reaction (K. Cole) (type)
Realities 2005 (type)
Realities (type)
Realm (type)
Red Delicious (DKNY) (type)
Red Door (type)
Red Jeans (Versace) (type)
Relaxing (type)
Red (type)
Rive Gauche (type)
Rockin Rio (Escada) (type)
Romance (type)
Romeo Gigli (type)
Royal Secret (type)
Rush (Gucci) (type)
Rykiel Rose (type)

Safari (type)
Samsara (type)
Salvador Ferragamo (type)
Sand & Sable (type)
Sensi (type)
Sentiment (Escada) (type)
Sexy Graffiti (type)
Shalimar (egyptian) (type)
Shalimar (Guerlain) (type)
Sheer Beautiful (type)
Shi by Alfred Sung (type)
Sicily by D&G (type)
Simply (type)
Sonia Rykiel (type)
Spark (type)
Sparkling White Diamonds (type)
Spellbound (type)
Spirit (Antonio Banderas) (type)
Splendor (type)
Spring Flower (Creed) (type)
Still by J Lo (type)
Sun, Moon & Stars (type)
Sun Water (type)
Sunflowers (type)
Sung (Alfred) (type)
Tabu (type)
Tatiana (type)
Tea Rose (type)
Tendre Poison (type)
Tiffany (type)
Tommy Bahama (type)
Tommy Girl (type)
Touch (type)
Tresor (type)
Tropical Punch (Escada) (type)
Trouble (type)
True Love (type)
True Star Beyonce (type)
True Star Gold (type)
Truth (type)
Turquoise Seas (type)
Tuscany (type)
Ultra Violet (type)
Uninhibited (type)

V/S (Versace) (type)
Valentino (type)
Vanilla Fields (type)
Vanilla Musk (type)
Vera Wang (type)
Very Irresistible (type)
Very Sexy by Vic Secret (type)
Victoria (type)
Vivid (type)
White by Kenneth Cole (type)
White Diamonds (type)
White Diamonds II (Brown) (type)
White Jeans (Versace) (type)
White Linen Breeze (type)
White Linen (type)
White Shoulders (type)
Wings (type)
Wrappings (type)
Yellow Jeans (Versace) (type)
Youth Dew (type)
Ysatis (type)