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Perfume Oil Testimonials

Below are uncensored and uneditted testimonials from some of our customers collected over the past two years. The following testimonials are unsolicited, meaning that these customers were so happy with their purchases that they emailed us afterwards to express their thanks. There are about 7 pages of testimonials here when printed out.

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I absolutely LOVE my oils! And so did the other people who added their order with mine. My husband was impressed with his oils as well. One smells EXACTLY like Tropical Punch but even better because it last all day. The original, which you can't get anymore did not last more than two hours.
You will be hearing from me again.
Anyway I can become a distributor?
Thanks again,
J.C., Tucson, AZ - Tropical Punch, Polo Sport, Nautica Competition

I just want you to know that I am halfway through my last J Lo Glow Oil and man the compliments I have gotten, so I am hoping to get both of these. Oil is my favorite and since the last purchase I have put it into unscented lotions to layer, directly on my skin, etc.
There are just so many ways to use oil that people do not know about and it lasts so much longer. If you ever need an advertising copywriter, which I am, for a testimonial, I will certainly write one for nothing for your auction.
Thanks so much,
Rochelle Maucher, Rosendale, NY - Glow

I received my order today, and cannot tell you how pleased I am. The oils
are indeed either the real deal, or a perfect copy. No nasty notes that I
can smell! I have tried some "fabulous fakes", and have found in ever case
that the smell is no where near the same. This is not the case with your
product. I am very excited about the possibilities of being able to make my
own shampoo, bath and shower gel, and perhaps even candles of my favorite
L.B., Baton Rouge, LA - Chanel #5, Joy, Pleasures

I did a test today, I wore the pleasures oil on one wrist
and the pleasures perfume on the other, you were the winner
the oil did last longer. I am a big Estee Lauder perfume
wearer and have been for many years.
A.W., Georgetown, TX - Pleasures, Intuition, Private Collection, White Linen, Cinnabar

After have receiving this oil, I hope to tell you what I (we) think of it.
Oh my gosh. I ordered it because I like Rive Gauche and the perfumes got kind of out of my range when I was looking for it on EBay. So I landed on your website and thought I would try your oil
How fun. You kindly list uses, and I have been using this oil however I can imagine....heck, I need to put it on lightbulbs.
I put a few drops in my bathwater, a few drops in bottle of shampoo, even a few drops in a big bottle of handlotion. Boy, this works great. I am very happy. I am surrounded by a scent I love.
Then, these bottles of oil are SO BIG, even though they look little, that I was able to put some in a bottle for my sister and she is enjoying it.
Ok, now, please do not raise your price since I said this. Your price is a big reason this is so attractive. ;-)
Just want to tell you I am very pleased. Thanks again, Paula
P.M., Mt Caramel, PA - Rive Gauche

Thanks very much for the item. I received it Friday, the oil is exactly like the Ibbiza Hippie from Escada.
Thanks again for prompt shipping!!!
C.G., Colorado Springs, CO - Ibiza Hippie

Greetings...What can I say...except WOW!!!!!!
I admit it, I was skeptical....was I WRONG!
This pefume oil is better than great, it is FANTASTIC!!!
I can't wait to try some other of the other fragrances you carry.
I promise you, I will definitely be a RETURN buyer!!!
M.G., Shakopee, MN - Angel, Beautiful, Joy

Your shipment of Wrappings oil arrived in wonderful condition.
The fragrance is luscious.
Thank you for the sample of orange blossom oil.
Thanks for all your help and your guarantee, but rest assured I will NOT be returning the wrappings oil.
D.L., Anchorage, AK - Wrappings
Wrappings user for several years

hello, i just received your oil and i think its an exact match! i was wondering if you are able to produce the oil for a perfume i love...its made by Stila, and the name of the perfume is: Creme Bouquet. If you can match it as well as you have for Angel, id be very interested!! please let me know if it is available. thanx again, i will def be back for more!
J.C., Hauppage, NY - Angel

Today I received my perfumed oil and I opened the package, could not wait to try it and it is lovely. Your service is fast and products are wonderful. Now I will buy all the fragrance from you since it it so concentrated, you need so little and it stays all day without faiding. Happy new year.
Y.D., Toronto, ON - Pleasures, Beyond Paradise

The shipping address is correct. I am a returning customer. You can be
sure that the fragrance is correct when someone says to you, "You smell
good. Is that Shalimar?" It's happened to me more than once!
B.M. - Oconomowoc, WI - Guerlain Shalimar

I was wondering if you shipped this yet, and if not I think I would like to get a bottle of the Sensi for women if its 9.99 and 75 cents more to ship. If you have already sent it, I will probably just get it later. I am so glad to have found you again because in my searches on Ebay I couldn't find you! I had to go through feedback I left over a year ago! I LOVE the Coco Mademoiselle I ordered from you and I am almost out. I ordered from another company and it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
K.Y. - Charlotte, NC - Coco Mademoiselle

Okay! All I can say is WOW!
I put on the oil, not too much and thought it was nice and would enjoy it but it didn't blow me away. But let me tell you, I don't know what is in that stuff but it works. Within 15 minutes - I had gone into a store and had two men compliment me on how I smelled out of no-where. The first thing my boyfriend said to me was, "wow".
I work for a dealership as the Ass. Manager (with all men) and I am looking forward to it. I will let you know how it goes. I might be ordering by the gallon.
M.B. - Ontario, Canada - Very Sexy

I look forward to getting my Hanae Mori a.s.a.p.! I am finally getting to the bottom of my last bottle!! I am so glad that you have this company! I don't have the money for the "real" stuff, and I like the quality of your oils better! Have a great day!
J.B. - Phoenix, AZ - Hanae Mori

Thank you for your prompt response to my e-mail, I wanted to let you
know when I got home the afternoon of April 15th after I had sent the
e-mail, I checked my mail and your package had arrived. I wanted to also let
you know I am absolutely thrilled with the oil. I kept one of those Burberry
Brit advertisments from a magazine that had a sample strip, and I must tell
you your oil smelled exactly the same. Great product! I will be purchasing
more. Thank you very much.
R.W. - San Antonio, TX - Burberry Brit

I purchased several perfume oils last year and have been hard pressed to find the same quality elsewhere...others leave me with a bad skin rash...would like to purchase more oils/shower gels if available, and would also like to be a preferred customer. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank You.
A.G. - Leesburg, VA - Paloma Picasso, Hanae Mori

I received the perfume oils today. I'm amazed at how good they are! Why does anyone buy "real" perfume anymore?
Do you have Miss Dior? I haven't seen it on your lists,
but I'm hopeful - it's my all time favorite. I'll be leaving positive feedback.
J.D. - East Nassau, NY - K. Cole Black, Sicily

I received my Laura Ashley #1 and my Angel oils today and I couldn't be any happier with the product. They smell exactly like the original scents that I paid so much money for (and can't buy the Laura Ashley #1 anymore, anyway), so I am thrilled with them. Thanks so much for living up to what your ebay site promised!
J.M. - Meriden, CT - Laura Ashley #1, Angel

Just wondering if the CHILD (type) perfume was available through you? Your fragrance oils are by far the closest to the real thing. I thought if anyone would have one it would be from you!! I've tried others but they suck!
M.M. - Kahului, HI - Angel, Coco Mademoiselle, Michael Kors, Polo Blue, Vera Wang

Finally I found you again!!! I have purchased oils from other sellers that
smell nothing like the ones I bought from you.
Please remind me what your seller name is, so I can add you to my list.
E.D. - Santa Monica, CA - Calyx, Guerlain Shalimar

Just received my oil today. I absolutely love it!!!!! I bought the real perfume in the past for close to $60.00 and this smells exactly like the perfume. I can't believe what a great buy this was and will certainly buy more in the future. I feel like I won a lottery, getting so much for so little! Thank you very much,
C.S. - Rocklin, CA - Lacoste

I received the GIO, and absolutely love it! Can't wait to get the other oils! It's been such a pleasure doing business with you. I'll be sure to leave positive feedback.
-L.K., Pittsburg, PA – Acqua Di Gio, Poison, Hypnotic Poison

I got my Angel just now and I want more!!!!!!!!!!
-C.W., Largo, FL – Angel, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, Burberry, Green Tea

Just to let you know I received my item today and loved it! Have left positive feedback and hope to do business with you again. Thanks
-P.J.F., Cherokee, KS – Red Cologne Oil for men

how are u doing? i gotta tell u man , this oil is amazing, thanx a lot, i think i'll buy an Armani too!i also left a feedback for U .thanx again.
-A.I., Toronto, ON – Polo Sport Cologne Oil for men

Hello, I received the Coco Mademoiselle oil today and I must say it's impressive! A very quick shipment and great communication too, thanks. I'll be sure to leave you positive feedback and I'll definitely buy from you again soon. Thanks again.
-T.N., Pasedena, TX – Coco Mademoiselle, Aromatics Elixir

Just wanted you to know that I received the Wrappings oil yesterday (11-25-02). It smells wonderful!!! And it came through unscathed, amazing, considering the postal service anymore. I will be a repeat customer!! I like the oils better than the perfume as the smell stays with me and heats up with my body temp. I love it !!!
-D.F., Salem, OR – Aromatics Elixir, Wrappings

Hello, i got your lolita lempicka like oil and love it. do you happen to have Yves saint Laurent "BABY DOLL" like oil!? please let me know. thank you !
-J.D., Erie, PA – Lolita Lempicka

I got the oil on Saturday and I really like it. I will contact you in the future if I desire more oils. Thank you for the excellent product.
-N.S., Lyndon, KS – Aromatics Elixir

I got the oils and all I can say is, WOW! I let a few people at the office smell them and they said the oils smell exactly like the originals.
-C.L., Boyertown, PA – Acqua Di Gio, Issey Miyake, Acqua Di Parma

Hello!! I just got my oils and they are great. They smell just like the perfume. Be sure that if I see anything else I like that you sell, I will buy it. Thanks again!! On my way to ebay to give you positive feedback!!
-N.G., San Bernardino, CA - Hypnotic Poison, Glamourous

I dont know if you remember who I am, but I bought some Calvin Klein Crave oil from you. I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your customer service, you have speedy replies, and are very very nice. The customer service that you expressed, by far surpasses that of virtually every other ebay seller, and should be a leading example of what to do as a seller. I really enjoy the cologne oil you sent me and it smells just like the one in the stores but a fraction of the cost, doesnt have the irritating alcohol smell, and last alot longer. I will be telling all friends and family about your products and will strongly recommend if they or people they know are thinking about buying cologne/perfume to do it through you. Thank you again.
-C.R., Portland, OR - Crave

Just got my mail and was soooo surprised to see your oil of "Mademoiselle" in it! You are right, a drop or two does go a long way. And right again, about a half hour later I am going ga-ga!
How do you do it??? aaaah...I don't wanna know ;)
I am Purely Delighted! Hummmm! Yummy!
I've bid on more from you (Lolita's) and am looking for Joy. Do you have "Sublime" by 'bout "1000" by Patou?
I will keep checking your site for more yummies :)
I left a positive feedback for you. Pleasure doing business with you!
Many Thanks,
I.S., - Downingtown, PA - Coco Mademoiselle, Lolita Lempicka, Joy, Red Door

My oil arrived today, and I LOVE it! I gave feedback, and I see from the enclosed note in the package that you sell other oil things, too. What else do you carry in the Black Cashmere fragrance? Do you have a price list? This oil is excellent! Thank you!!
K.T. - Denver, CO - Black Cashmere

Just rec'vd the oil! It smells great! Can't wait to try it in some soaps & candles! You packaged this wonderfully! Thank you so much! Will you be keeping this scent in stock? Hope So.
D.J. - Point, TX - Uninhibited

Hi there!
I wanted to let you know that I received the fragrance today.
It's wonderful! I love it. I'm hooked on oils from now on.
R.L. - Grand Rapids, MI - Pheromone

I have recently received the Crave cologne oil auction item. The item is exactly what you described, I appreciate the accurate information. The cologne smells great, the scent is indistinguishable from the bottles at the mall! I will be sure to leave the appropriate positive feedback in your account.
W.H. - Las Vegas, NV - Crave

I just received the "Romance" oil I won from your e-bay action!! Oh my is great and it smells just like Romance cologne! Thank you so much! I also just left you POSITIVE feedback!! How could a person not leave positive feedback when buying your oil!?!? I plan to do business with you again!!
Thank you bunches,
A.W. - Beatrice, NE - Romance

I just wanted to let you know I just recieved my oils. I am so extremely impressed. The next time I am looking for perfume I will definately come to you FIRST and I will HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who compliments me on how wonderful I smell, (and everyone else too!). This is the way to go for fragrances, it saves money and the product lasts longer. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! I feel like I should pay you back with something :) Forever a customer........
D.M. - Santa Marie, CA - Glow, Beyond Paradise

Hello Brian...I've just received my order! Thank you so much for these great quality fragrance oil! I will never order from anywhere else, you should have seen my skin where it broke out from using a cheaper brand! Yuck!!
Anyway, Keep a lookout for any Escada scents and drop me a line if you're going to be receiving any of the New frangrances...Again, Thanks for shipping so prompting...I'm already smelling great!
A.G. - Leesburg, VA - Paloma Picasso, Hanae Mori, Angel, Narcisse, Vera Wang, Kenzo

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that my wife has just received the Cinnabar Perfume oil and she loves it. Its as good as if not somewhat better than the real thing at 1/4 of the cost. Thank you very much for everything. I have left you some feedback too.
F.J. - Ontario, Canada - Cinnabar

I received the Intuition oil today! It is fabulous! For my husband and he said it's the real thing! Thank You! I will order some more soon. I'll probably go to you store and look at the list again. I won't ever be buying anything again in a store! I'll look at the website and see if I can make some body wash. Thank You!
B.C. - Bedford, TX - Intuition

I received my oil it is great, how do I order more. I tried pulling Clinique Aromatics and did not see where to order more. I have worn Aromatics for 17 years and you are right, it does smell the same. Thank you
L.Z. - Worcester, MA - Aromatics Elixir

I bought a bottle of Ibiza hippie from you a while back and I absolutely love it. I get compliments when I wear the oil all the time. I do believe I left positive feedback. I definitely want to purchase other scents from you.
J.H. - Baton Rouge, LA - Ibiza Hippie

Are you still offering your oils??? I am in dire need of a replacement bottle..yours are by far the best!!!!
I got some other stuff from another ebayer and it smells like skunk musk.....NOTHING like New West.....You are awesome!!
C.L. - Youngsville, LA - Aromatics Elixir, New West, Youth Dew



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