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Holiday Card Etiquette

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Everyone loves to receive holiday cards. For many people, cards are the only way to stay in touch with friends who have moved away or distant relatives. Holiday greeting cards should reflect your family style and closeness. The most popular holiday cards are photo cards, which are designed to have a family picture attached on the front. The inside of the photo card features a custom printed holiday message and room for a hand-written message.

Who to Send To

Holiday cards are a great way to reach out to all your friends and family, especially those you have not kept in touch with regularly. Typically, cards are sent to all friends, neighbors, close business associates, and of course family. In other words, there is no limit to the number of people to send holiday cards to. For married couples, a great way to develop your list is to start with your wedding guest list and add to it from there.

When to Send

You should gathering updated addresses and order custom photo or greeting cards by early November. Feel free to mail the greeting cards any time after Thanksgiving. Most people appreciate early cards and they will not be lost in the clutter of hundreds of mail pieces that tend to arrive during the holidays. Generally, cards should be received before Christmas day, but in practice, you usually have until new January 1.

What to Include

For photo cards, find a professional looking photograph of your family or your children. People love to keep track of how your children are growing, so including just a photo of your children is very common too. Including your family name and a personalized holiday verse printed on the inside of the card is a great way to personalize a holiday card.


Always sign and your greeting cards. Writing at least a quick sentence that is personal to the recipient also adds a nice, warm touch.