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Cake Pops - Ice Cream Cone

Cake Pops - Ice Cream Cone

Cake Pops - Ice Cream Cone
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Product Description
How cute is this? Our cake pop recipe scooped into an ice cream cone, dipped in chocolate icing and sprinkled for an adorable party favor.

Have you tried our Mini Cake Pops? Well, you should! This adorable treat has a secret combination of ingredients to make it insanely delicious. Our rich fugdy double chocolate cake recipe is made into bite size pops, shaped and decorated into adorable designs.

- Approximately 4" tall, 2" wide
- Height is 8"

Product Color: The color of the chocolate dip, the background color.
Trim Color: Color of the trim, detail, or frosting.

Great as a party favor or a delicious chocolate treat.